tears over Dr. Oz

27 Aug

Today I cried watching Dr Oz… not because the episode was about weight loss diets (which is always a little depressing for me) but because of him,… Dr. Oz has such a zest for life, you can tell that he is very passionate about what he does.  It just reminded me that I used to be that way too.  I used to live every day with passion and love.  I could get very excited about the smallest things.  I was very happy and very full of life…

And now…. I’m just not.  I can’t remember the last time I talked about anything with the kind of passion that Dr. Oz uses when he talks about everything!  I really miss the old me!


Dark cloud at the beach on a beautiful day

22 Apr

We were driving to the beaches of Delaware for two full days of relaxation…. 30 minutes before we arrived at Rehoboth beach…. I get a call…. results that we didn’t expect until the following week…the IPSS was inconclusive and they were not able to use the results. 😦  Greg and I promised each other we were not going to talk about it over the weekend so we could enjoy ourselves…. and even though we didn’t talk about it, the news was a somber cloud that hung over us all weekend. We are both so disappointed.

IPSS was a miserable experience

18 Apr

What used to define me

4 Mar

I had pride in my work ethic, my values, myself.  I defined myself by being a good student followed by being a good employee.  I was a runner, an athlete, a volunteer and a teacher.  I am no longer any of my titles… who am I?

I’m sick.

pain management tips for cushies

15 Feb

Educate your docs!

26 Jan

I have a GI doc that has a better understanding of Cushing’s than many endos I have seen over the last three years.  After many appointments with the bad endos I finally asked my GI doc why/how he knew so much about Cushing’s… I was expecting him to reference med school but instead he explained that one of his patients had it and was constantly bringing in materials for him to read, years later he is still interested and stays current. We, as patients, are the best advocates for this disease!  Please, educate your docs and anyone else that will listen!


20 Dec